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Farberstrasse, Radevormwald

42477 Radevormwald, Deutschland

This project consisting of 3 buildings with a total of 27 apartments is located in Keilbeck, a quiet, green suburb of Radevormwald. All daily amenities are within a radius of 1 km. The primary school and crèche are located around the corner.
Each apartment has a balcony overlooking the peaceful surroundings and / or a beautiful view over the green hills.
The purchase of a parking space or garage and basement is provided for each apartment.

  • 18 Apartments
  • From 53000.00 EUR to 159500.00 EUR
  • 47.00m2 to 110.00m2

Returns Projection
Investment Calculator

Invest now 100,000€ and get a total of 130,000€ ** in period of four years.

Duration: 12 months
7.5% return*
Guranteed rental income
Real estate appreciation
Duration: 24 months
15% return*
Guranteed rental income
Real estate appreciation
Duration: 36 months
22.5% return*
Guranteed rental income
Real estate appreciation
Duration: 48 months
30% return*
Guranteed rental income
Real estate appreciation

* Disclaimer - Gross income in current calculation model is calculated by adding values of Guaranteed Rental Income and projected Real Estate appreciation rate. 1.5% per year is conservative number based on our experience with apartments that we have under our management.
It is important to understand that Guaranteed Rental Income is the value that is paid directly to your bank account.
The appreciation value will happen and depend on the market circumstances at the moment when you decide to sell your real estate.

100.000 €
200.000 €
300.000 €
400.000 €
500.000 €

Guranteed Rental Income 5.7%

Property Appreciation Rate 1.5%

! Calculations above are in Gross Amount (before German Real Estate tax). Tax calculation is different for each investor. This will heavily depend on the investor legal structure, expenses, etc. Generally the income tax for German Real Estate is 25%. Germany has signed up double taxation treaties with many countries, so this simplifies the situation for foreign investors.

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More Information

Type : Multi Apartment House Property developer : Saad Immobiliën Country : Germany Province : North Rhine-Westphalia City or municipality : Radevormwald (Wuppertal) Postal code : 42477 Street name : Färberstrasse Number : 4 Condition : In renovation Price range : € 60.429 - € 141.429 Surface area : 47.00 - 110.00 Own use : No Gross rental yield : 5.50% Rental security : 4 years


Radevormwald's economy consists predominantly of companies in the services sector. A number of well-known companies, such as Aldi-Nord and Kuhn Edelstahl, have planted their headquarters in Radevormwald.

Radevormwald is also known for the many religious communities that have their headquarters in the city.


Radevormwald is one of the oldest and highest places in the Bergisch country, near Cologne. "Stadt auf der Höhe" also points to the high quality of life that the residents strive for.
Radevormwald is experiencing increasing population growth and is facing a housing shortage. Radevormwald is part of the Oberbergische Kreis with more than 280,000 inhabitants. Radevormwald offers a beautiful and quiet environment and attracts many lovers of natural sports by nature. On the other hand, Radevormwald is less than an hour away from Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund and Essen. Ideally located in the vicinity of the Ruhr area.